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I'm a Southerner, born and bred (though you'd never know it from my accent, I'm told). I like to eat 'til I'm tired out from eating, hear good storytelling 'til I can recite the stories in my sleep (Stories have to be told or they die, and when they die, we can't remember who we are or why we're here.), watch people, look at sparkly things, listen to good bluegrass music, dream about owning a dog, tell crazy stories about my family, and organize things.

09 January 2007

Rat Snake

Just because you look like a rat doesn't mean you are a rat, she said.
Sometimes it means you're a snake.
She had a flair for biology.
--Brian Andreas


Blogger Crystal said...

2 animals I could go the rest of my days without ever seeing again!

5:01 PM  

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