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I'm a Southerner, born and bred (though you'd never know it from my accent, I'm told). I like to eat 'til I'm tired out from eating, hear good storytelling 'til I can recite the stories in my sleep (Stories have to be told or they die, and when they die, we can't remember who we are or why we're here.), watch people, look at sparkly things, listen to good bluegrass music, dream about owning a dog, tell crazy stories about my family, and organize things.

07 June 2006

i uploaded some pictures from my camera...

These are some portraits that Tommy and I created of each other one day when we were bored. We used a technique I practice in my workshops: Without looking at your paper or lifting your pen, you must draw a picture of the person you're looking at. It's so hard to do! We painted the scribbles wouldn't have been able to tell what was going on otherwise.

Tommy's Uncle Glen is a car fanatic. He restores old muscle cars as a hobby. This Memorial Day, he brought his dune buggy (he's building an exterior shell for it) to Tommy's Aunt Boo's farm for everyone to enjoy. We had to be a little pushy for a turn on the dune buggy (see disgruntled young cousins in the background). Also, we were not allowed to ride without helmets (safety first!). I borrowed an 8-year old's helmet: it's a little snug.

I painted this picture of Bob for the mantel. I thought it would be funny to have a sort-of serious picture of him there. I think it's missing something...perhaps a large gaudy frame? His diplomas are the papers below. They're from puppy kindergarten and his day care. He's a star pupil!

Yes, I've become one of "those dog people."

Bob on the go. He likes to take rides to places because there's usually something exciting when we arrive whereever it is that we're going: parks, other dogs, treats, birds, squirrels.

My new haircut. I decided to go back to bangs. And just a few layers--not too flippy-dippy, just a little more shape than I had. I hadn't had a "real" haircut since last October, so I was due one. My salon is so fabulous. It's a spa and a salon. The experience begins with a head massage, followed by a facial and a hairwash. Then an arm and neck massage. Next is the actual haircut and style....followed by a make-up touch-up. Fun, fun, fun.
As a wavy-haired person, I couldn't believe how straight the stylist was able to make my hair. I LOVED the straight hair. I wish it could be like this every day. Unfortunately, it was raining, so the straightness lasted for just a few hours.